segunda-feira, 1 de junho de 2009

Fragments of a lost world...

"For what is somewhere is itself something, and there must be alongside it some other thing wherein it is and which contains it. But alongside the All or the Whole there is nothing outside the All, and for this reason all things are in the heaven; for the heaven, we may say, is the All. Yet their place is not the same as the heaven. It is part of it, the innermost part of it, which is in contact with the movable body and for this reason the earth is in water, and this in the air, and the air in the aether, and the aether in the heaven, but we cannot go on and say that the heaven is in anything else."

ARISTOTLE, Physics, book IV, cap.5

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Refrator de Curvelo (na foto do perfilado, restos da reunião dos Menos que Um) disse...

It is exactly submitted to the stare of this question, the All that is the inescapable wholiness that cannot exceed-it (and not it-self, beause it is not a self), that so many people use to ask for the part in the role played by the whole (w-holy?).

Is it a good point or a despicable one?